A Brief Creepy Encounter

As the family’s resident driver, I had to oblige to my mother’s request that I accompany my not-so-well sister to the doctor. I was quite unhappy that I’d be going alone with her so I persuaded my mother to come with us. After talking her into it,  we ended-up going all together. When my sister’s check-up was finished, I drove to the nearest drug store so that my mom can buy the meds prescribed by the physician. And as we were about to go home, just as I was to steer the wheel to the right, my mother instructed me to go straight ahead so we can check on my brother who’s playing ball in a nearby gym.

We were quite lost though as my sister gave me the wrong direction of which exact street I should make a turn. So as the driver, I instinctively went straight ahead and just asked my mom and my sister if there would be another road where we can turn to get to our destination since I’ve never been there. It appeared that we were actually very near our stop because the next street parallel to the one where driving at will lead us to the gym. They were positive that I can turn right at the end of the road.

Indeed, they were correct for when I turned right, I saw another street where I can turn right again to get to the gym. But from a few feet away where the corner we had to turn right again was situated, a guy showed-up. He suddenly crossed the street and went ahead the same direction we were about to go.

Did I just see my brother walking passed through the corner? I thought aloud. He did resemble my younger brother but I can only see his silhouette.I immediately pointed my fingers to his direction to let my mother see the guy that looked just like him. She asked me then to go faster to see if he was really who we saw.

I stepped on the accelerator and sped-up but much to our shock, in that poorly lit corner, we saw nobody. We were all dumbfounded. “Where is he?” and “Where did he go?” were the questions we asked each other. We found it creepy that the guy looked like my younger brother. We very well knew that there is no way we won’t be able to see where he’s headed to, of course, unless he vanished into thin air. We dismissed the idea that it was him and just went directly to my little bro’s supposed to be “basketball practice” with his teammates. Unfortunately, we found a different group in the location.  My mother got off the car and even went inside the gym to double check but my brother was nowhere in sight.

Still, we weren’t sure if the guy who we saw crossed the street was him. His identity remained a mystery.

We then decided to go home immediately to find out if he’s already at our house but much to my mother’s disappointment, he was still out. She was alarmed by this thus her nagging to find out of his whereabouts. She called him non-stop and as he answered, she ordered him to come home asap. We can sense from the room we’re at that my mom wasn’t satisfied with his answers as she was already yelling on the phone.

When my brother finally came home, my mother’s scolding immediately greeted him. After all the searching and the nagging, it was still a relief that he’s okay and fine. I couldn’t imagine what might happen had he met any unfortunate circumstance while he was out. My mother will surely go insane. He is her most favorite child after all.

But the real question now is where did the guy go? And a more intriguing question would be: Was he even real or was he a ghost?


Smitten with a Vampire or Two

I never really had a thing for vampires or  rather not until I came to know Edward Cullen. I loved him for so many reasons yet I was quite disappointed  that it was Rob Pattinson who got to play his part on the big screen. I thought he didn’t fit the Edward image very well. But enough of that. I’m not really here to share my Edward stories but rather a more recent vampire encounter or should I say encounters.

The first vamp is someone  I knew shortly after I’ve known Edward. His eyes I adore the most. It’s not because he has no other good features in his face but because I like how it’s colored blue and how he looks at the girl he loves the most. Damon Salvatore may  just be a fictional character, but in him I found a distraction. After all, he’s one of the reasons I watch Vampire Diaries (watch here).

Devil-ish Damon

After quitting my job, I had all the time in the world. I usually sleep very late and almost always during the wee hours of the morning. At first, I  had nothing else to occupy me during my free time but with the decision to catch-up with the episodes I missed from season two of the show, I finally had something entertaining to do. And I realized, I couldn’t get my eyes off of Damon even when he’s feeding on other people’s blood or ripping another vampire’s chest. Sounds weird, right? But his charm and sexiness were just simply irresistible that I couldn’t get enough of him. I no longer cared that I would have to stay up all night to watch the succeeding episodes of the show.

Damon is an eye candy, no doubt about it. But it’s not only his good looks that you’d get to  love about him. And though he’s not the the type you’d fall for immediately, his charm can make you fall for him even more when you unintentionally do. Elena might like Stefan more as of the moment, but  I am hoping that my dear Damon gets her swayed enough to choose him in season four.

Damon’s really different from his brother. I’d say that Stefan is too good to be true. He is the typical protagonist— good looking, kind, loyal, smart,serious, compassionate, gentle, expressive and reliable whereas Damon the aggressive, deviant but spontaneous, easygoing, sometimes vicious and cunning; at times savage but also a lovesick fool for a  ladies’ man. Well I think, I’ve had enough of the goodie-good-guys I’ve seen on Philippine TV.

This time I’d go for someone who has always been there but has taken the backseat.

I say no to Stefan and yes to Damon. I like that he has more actions in him than just the romantic blabbering. I like how he is protective of Elena and jealous of Stefan. I like that when it boils down to saving his brother’s life, he’d make sure to be the first to drive a stake to the bad guy’s heart. Yes, he throws some tantrums at times like a five-year old kid does but I can deal with it. We all do have some emotional outbreaks and episodes, I believe. Just like what Elena said “whenever he’s around, he is so sweet…he consumes me.” I guess, I’m having the same trouble as hers.

Or not.

These past few days, I’ve been having another distraction– an original vampire. Truth is, I’ve been quite smitten by Niklaus Mikaelson. I don’t know what’s with me but I like his wry smile and his British accent. He really sounds so sexy when he talks:)  And of course, there’s also that reason which he gets more handsome as the season progresses.

Hot Hot Niklaus!

When I first saw him, I never really cared. All I know is that he’s the villain. But somehow, as season three was drawing to a close, he started growing on me. I found his interest on Caroline quite amusing for he shows his vulnerability around her. He lets her see that he too is capable of loving and of being loved.

Niklaus has a long history behind him. His attitude and views in life, I think, are understandable. He yearns for family, for companions that will stay with him for a lifetime; and he seeks for love that will last for an eternity. Maybe it is because of this that he has become so doubtful. He swears loyalty to no one and you can easily see that trust doesn’t come easy to him. Thus, betrayal on his part is an unspeakable deed. Anybody who dares to try might have to pay for it with a brutal death.

He sure does have a lot of serious trust and family issues. But again, I say it’s okay. I can deal with that. We all have issues inside our homes, right?

At the end of the day, even when he seems evil down to the core, he is still just someone who never wants to be left alone for the next thousands of years. He is still like a little kid afraid to be alone or be  the sole hybrid (half vampire; half werewolf) living on earth.

I admit that maybe because I’ve been watching this vampire show a lot that I’ve been too overwhelmed.  The former protagonist; the latter antagonist. I still have a hang over that I don’t deny. I fancy Damon. I fancy Niklaus. But who cares? I like them. I think, I’ve been smitten by a vampire or two.  And I think, they are the right distractions I need for now.