Where The Road Leads Me To

My sister once told me that a well traveled person is a learned individual. I genuinely believed her and from that moment on, I started to have my own dreamy fantasies.

When I was little, I was really not much of a traveler. In fact, I even dread going to summer vacation trips as I always feel nauseous during the bus ride. But as I grew up, I began to get used to it. And now I realized that somehow, I did miss the long drive when the trips eventually became infrequent.

My longing of wanting to see the marvels of the world  started as I get curious of my surroundings. I wanted to know more. I wanted change. I wanted a new environment. And so when high school came, I turned my back from my old school and enrolled in another institution. The whole new experience allowed me to meet new people and I loved the feeling of having to meet a  bunch of new faces in a whole new setting.

Few years later, college came into the picture. At that time I never entertained the idea of studying in the vicinity or some place near my parents’ home. I wanted to widen my horizon for I truly believed that there’s more to life than the place I was born and raised.  I felt it was destiny that my cousin and I got accepted in a premier state university.  I felt even luckier as my parents even pushed me to go for it. The idea of being on my own eventually thrilled me and so together with my cousin, we were off to somewhere far. I explored Baguio, walked till my soles hurt. I’ve  let the cold breeze in the morning brush through my face as I stride along session road. I’ve been to many restaurants and savored every meal I order. It was a brand new experience that I’ve come to love and adore.  Up until this moment, I never regretted the choice I made. It was a bold move but I lived through it . The decision was worth it. Four years then eventually came into a fruition and I had to leave the place I’ve known for the last four years.

I felt bad but I knew I had to move.  The urgency to grow career-wise was just too strong so I tried my chances.

I guess, anybody who would be able to read this would think that I’ll be in a whole new environment– in a new place where I know no one. Truth is, I’ve tried my luck in Manila. I did job hunting, went on a couple of interviews but none of them was a success. And so I went back home. To my surprise by joining RACLC, I was offered a job in an advertising agency.  Nobody in my family thought that I’d settle to work here, not even myself. But I guess, that’s the way things are. No matter how far you run, the road always leads you back home.  And true enough, home is where I am now but still I wish that I get to travel more in the future. After all, that’s number one in my bucket list. I’ve been to few other places but I can no longer recall the experience. It’s either I was too young to remember or too preoccupied to enjoy the place which is why I’d like to re-visit them.  For now, I can only wish hard but someday soon, I promise to realize them and continue to learn as I travel and widen my horizon.

roomies’ bonding @ 50’s Diner

@ Burnham Park

morning walk along Harrison

malinta tunnel

Malinta Tunnel @ Corregidor


Kayaking @ Camayan Beach Resort – Subic

The Ruins