A Step Closer

Tomorrow, I’ll be one step closer to…uhmm… I don’t know, success? happiness? stability? security? Well, I can’t really put a name to what I’m feeling right now so I guess you just probably have to pick one for me.

But, yeah, what do you know? Just to give you a hint then, I’m talking about the far, distant, and the unknown future. MY FUTURE.

It is actually kind of on the line here. Whatever I choose now, I’d have to make-up for it in the days or years to come. If I make one wrong decision, just one, I’ll probably end-up losing all the confidence I have left in me.

You see, my previous job had given me a lot to think about. I’ve been having doubts and second thoughts on almost everything that’s concerning work and my future. I can’t get past any of my frustrations and every night I think of them– all the what ifs and the could have beens. And yes, I am moving on in a very slow pace for I’ve been feeling guilty, afraid, incompetent, unappreciated and  insecure for quite sometime now.

Somehow though, a window opened for me.

With this opportunity that’s been offered to me  is something I’ve also given much thought. For starters, I did not agree on doing this overnight. I’ve also contemplated and consulted a lot of people before I said yes. I even prayed to the Lord. I am not saying that I’m making the right decision now but I’m going to give it a try. I’ll take my chances.

I’ll be flying down south tomorrow, and I’m really hoping that the odds are in my favor and not against me. I’ll go there for a training and when I come back home, I plan to put up a business. It’s gonna be hard and the process will be long but I think, I’ll just have to give it a shot and put my best foot forward.

With hard work, nothing is impossible, that I believe.

I guess that this is it then! I’m really going to Davao.

Wish me luck.