The Squealer

The blogger was born and raised in a small neighborhood near a government hospital in Albay. She has a communication degree who’s currently having a hard time figuring out what she wants in the future.  And while she’s still busy wondering and pondering on what life has in store for her, she has this blog to tell you bits and pieces of her life’s experiences. She has a lot of ideas coming from random inspirations and  yet still, even when this is the case, her drive and urge to write  is always stronger when she’s overwhelmed with emotions.

What you’d want to know more about her…

She is an acrophobic;  semi neat freak; spend-thrift buyer; frustrated pianist; internet savvy; travel enthusiast;  food lover; kpop fanatic;  romance novel digger;  twitter and facebook addict;  and a self-diagnosed insomniac.

She is currently her clan’s in-house tutor, resident driver, and favorite errand runner. She is her siblings best and worst frienemy; and her mother’s worst sidekick.

With all these said, she is undoubtedly her worst critic. (She’s still working on her confidence and self-esteem…she’s getting there, promise!)


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