Worth the Drama

Three months passed by so quickly that I never really noticed summer is here already. Having too much on my plate right now made me forget how it was like waiting for April. Back then, I used to have a strong anticipation for March as shortly after it, follows a two-month academic break. But last year was a bit different though. It was more than just that.  It was a cue — a reminder that  life in college will soon be over and that I will be finally free from all the school’s drama. And now that I actually think of it, waiting for graduation really did have the best of me in both the negative and positive ways. But definitely,  it was also one hell of a ride.

Truth be told, I can still remember the times when I couldn’t sleep at night because I felt guilty for neglecting my homework.  I also recall crying over a piece of paper because I had nothing to write. And there were  times too when I had to memorize tons of names and dates just to get a passing grade in the long exams. But above all these, I can’t forget the instances when I had to cut back on my allowance because I had to pay for our prod. contributions.

Needless to say, earning a degree was no easy task. The journey to it was tough and tedious. Sometimes, four years wouldn’t even suffice which is why it is really important to pick the right people you’d associate with. In my case, I was just lucky to find a set of friends who I am proud to say genuine and most of the time kind. They may not be the best looking or the most behaved or the most popular people in the university  but with them, I found kindred spirits. Therefore, I thank them for showing  me their love and care in times of troubles (cliche as it sounds but it is true).  They very well knew that in those four years of waiting, I had few encounters of failures, frustrations, exhaustion, and hopelessness. And that there were times I thought my sane mind wouldn’t be able to keep up with the pressure.

My friends and I have had our fair share of laughter and tears. When darkness looms around, we get encouragement from one another. We were honest with everything even if it meant being brutally frank. We frequented KTV rooms, we stuffed our stomachs, and we shopped like crazy whenever we feel the need. We partied too and we even got drunk. But everything we have done, we did in moderation. We chose our priorities and we made wise and at times faulty decisions. But together, we’ve weathered the hardships in college. And together, we’ve accomplished a lot.

I know that four years of waiting wouldn’t be that much meaningful had I not faced hell and had I not met these wonderful people. I guess that having all that drama was worth it after all.


I hope that when the right time comes, we’ll be reunited again.