Cupcakes and Coffees

                   I can no longer recall how young I was when I first developed a certain fondness for food. All I know is that I like not just eating but also making the food. I was always eager to look for an opportunity to sneak in the kitchen and cook something delicious to satisfy my dire need. And if my memory serves me right, leche flan was the first recipe I attempted making in our kitchen. I was quite successful with it  though I’ve only copied the steps from how my aunt does it. And as time went on,  I did more sneaking as I tried to apply all the things I’ve learned from my T.H.E. classes ’till I got busted by my parents doing my stuff in the kitchen. And though I have been found out, this never made me stop. Instead, I’ve persisted with my cooking till they got used to it.  I realized then while I was growing up that stirring  and whisking were among  my favorite things to do. As of today , however, I no longer  make a leche flan but I do make  delicious carbonara, pizza, and brazo de mercedes.

When I was in high school, I had my hopes of going to a culinary school for college but  that spark of  hope never lit and died down. My parents cannot afford  the expensive  education thus the change of plans. I still held on to the idea though that maybe  someday when I already have my own money,  I’d still be  able to pursue  my desire. But I guess, that time is still so far in the  future but I will never  give up.

I know that money was the main problem before and even up to now. I guess,  life wouldn’t be that much harder if there were no monetary issues involved.

Truth is, I’ve always wanted to open a coffee shop of my own that would cater to  people with sweet tooth like mine. I’d like people who fancy sweets to also have a taste of my own baked pastries, cakes and tarts. For now, I can only wish that someday, when God gives me His blessing, I’d  be able to fulfill this one sweet craving.  What I am sure of in my life is that I wanna become a pâtissière too just like Kim Sam Soon. 😀

*****Credits to all the people who own the pictures above.******