Patience is a virtue

For the past weeks, I’ve been constantly looking for a job but to no avail. I’ve been really troubled by it and it’s really giving me so much heartache. Most of my friends have already found a place to work and I’m very happy that they already did. But on the other hand, I can’t help myself but to envy them.  I thought that with more of them landing a job only means that I also have to hurry up and find one too. The pressure becomes even more suffocating as I’m already lagging behind them. This made me ask myself “what’s wrong” since I’ve already been to many interviews and yet I couldn’t ace any of them. I’m really worried that it’s taking me so long  to find one decent job. This really bothers me until I came across a portrait that reads:


Worry is a subtle EVIL

It wreaks havoc in the lives of people.

Disguised as having to do with relieving your predicament,

worry actually disturbs your PEACE, squanders your time.

It slackens your mind from thinking right and makes you


Worry causes you to be PASSIVE or WRECKLESS.

It puts your aspirations to a standstill and your plans in disarray.

Worry agitates CONFUSION and creates a dizzy

SLUGGARD out of you.

Worry blocks the day from moving on to TOMORROW.



Worry robs you of JOY and dislodges GOD from

His throne for worry is the very


And without FAITH, it is impossible to please GOD;

For he that cometh to GOD must BELIEVE that HE IS

and that HE is a REWARDER of them that

diligently SEEK HIM.

the portrait that hangs beside the bed of my aunt

Then I asked myself again: “Yeah! Why worry?”  I know that the perfect job for me is just  out there.I just have to look for it and have that leap of faith that I will find it. I know that I’d find it soon. I hope I will…..for my family and for me.

I’ve quoted many times that “SUCCESS COMES TO THOSE WHO WAIT.” I guess, I have to wait for a little while before I finally land the job I truly longed, asked and prayed for. 😀