Para! (reblogged)

From my sister’s blog 

As if I were just boarding an ordinary jeepney, I earnestly knocked on the train’s wall – – – P-A-R-A!

So, this is it. This is what I have been waiting and looking for the entire time: PEACE. In every sense of the word, I have survived the long tunnel ride. It was not easy. It drained all energy and optimism I have. But I have always known back then that everything was just a bump on the road. Because I have chosen the one less traveled.

Now, I see daffodils and the green meadows. I feel the wind brushing through my face. I hear birds chirping. I can taste the sweetness of this very moment. I told myself – I am ready. I’m off the train. I’m off the tunnel ride.

Hello, sunshine!

Hello life!


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