Uncle Sam

Two months have already passed, another is about to pass by and I never really noticed. Time, indeed, is really fleeting. It only seems like yesterday when I arrived here in the Sonoran desert. I cant believe that my stay here in Uncle Sam’s is now three months shorter.

Few more months to count, I will be back to reality– to my homeland. I will say goodbye to this place eventually. Thus, I’ve decided that I will make the most out of my stay here. My only wish before my visa expires is to go and see places like LA and New York as well as popular tourist attractions (though cliche) such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, Central Park and whatnot.

I wont be here for a long time. I am very much aware of that. I don’t even know when I will be able to step foot on US soil again when my internship is over. And if ever I want to come back, Id probably have to save a lot of money (we all know how expensive airfare is, right?). So while I am still here,  I’d like to savor this experience and learn so much from it. And in that note, Id like to say that I’ve made progress in that part.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, I’ve made progress. And Its no longer just wishful thinking.HAHA! Two weeks ago, I was already able to see firsthand how breathtaking and picturesque the Grand Canyon is. No words, in fact would suffice to describe the scenery. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures. I will write about my Grand Canyon stint in my next blog entry (Please do anticipate.haha!).

Next year I am looking forward to more travel and road trip. On February I will have my first escapade of the year. I’ll be going to Vegas with my fellow J1s. I’m excited with what it has in store for us. Party every night, I guess? HAHA! Maybe. Maybe not. But rest assured, I will have fun.

Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.

Therefore, while I have the chance to travel, I should go for it,right? So definitely, I will.  Nine months may seem short but it won’t matter to the wanderlust in me. A toast to 2015!


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