Funny how life is, one moment you hope for things to be different and when they already do, you suddenly wish that they didn’t. But whatever, life isn’t really what most of us think it to be. I, for one, see it like an endless road trip with lots of stopovers and detours. For some, they may perceive it to be like a box of chocolate– full of surprises, and maybe for those who’ve lived miserably; it’s just full of crap.

Tonight, as I write this entry, one popular quotation crossed my mind. My world history teacher once quoted a popular thinker with his words. She wrote on the board: “an unexamined life is not worth living.” I can still recall what was running in my head at that time. Self-reflection— this is what the quote’s all about, it’s a no-brainer, I thought. Back then, I felt proud that I had the answer, but right now I am not so sure.


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Is self-reflection enough to say that I, or we, have a life worth living? I mean, does that suffice? I know it doesn’t. Self-reflection is just the start. But all of us have to learn that the hard way. More often than not, we wait for the bad things to happen before we even look back. And then when we finally know the reason why hell came to us, we still ask: “why?”

Sometimes, it never really occurs to us that a short walk down memory lane can save us buckets of tears. I, too, am guilty of this. I just keep on going – living each day, one moment at a time without replaying or giving thought on the things I’ve done. Well, there were those times that I pressed the rewind button in my head but all because I felt nostalgic. I filter the bad things and just think of the happy memories.I don’t really reflect on my actions or my behaviors. Sometimes, I don’t want to think at all. It makes me feel so stressed out and this is why I can’t blame others for living their lives the way they do.

But we all have our options, haven’t we? We make our choices. We just have to be smart. Life is. It teaches us to be wiser. It gives us every opportunity to think and ponder – ponder on everyday’s events before retiring to bed;  of the things we did but could’ve done differently, and of the circumstances that we could’ve handled maturely. It gives us a hunch of  what could possibly happen and lessons to learn the next time we encounter the same bump in the road. But what am I saying, really? That life is what we make it. We choose the paths we take. I bet you know that already – that it’s different for everyone else. One name; different faces; different encounters.

Socrates’s idea isn’t entirely sold on me today like it did before but the guy has a point. He’s not wrong. It’s just a bit lacking really, well, for me. But it’s a start  – to a life worth living. (Each to his own, right?)


And yes, life can be really funny in telling us that we’ve screwed up big time. Sometimes, oddly but as the popular saying goes: “That’s life!”

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