The Mistress-tery

Ever since news broke out that John Lloyd and Bea will be starring in a new movie  called The Mistress, avid  fans just went wild and anxious with all the anticipation they had to bear.  Well, I wasn’t really crazy about this new info but after watching the trailer, I admit that I got intrigued.

So I decided that I should really go and watch their comeback movie  just to put my mind at peace. I knew that after I’ve attended a screening, I’ll finally have the answers to my questions:

1. How is The Mistress  different from the box office movie No Other Woman given that they were both about extra marital affairs?

2. Will I ever get tired of the John Lloyd-Bea tandem? Do they still have the chemistry?

3. Will this movie be as good as their previous film One More Chance?

Then  off I went to the movie house.

Star Cinema’s The Mistress

I sat there for two hours and like all other moviegoers, I allowed myself to indulge and be caught in the moment. I laughed and felt sad when the scenes called for them. But even so, I  still think, that a lot of people were disappointed when the ending finally came. They, somehow, expected for a happily ever after.

As most of us have seen in both foreign and local films, love stories often end in a happy note. But this movie is different. The lead characters went their own ways.  I personally believe that The Mistress ended how it was supposed to end in real life, I mean, for  the characters of Sari and Eric (Bea and John Llyoyd). It will be absurd if they ended up together.

Just imagine what will happen to the character of Hilda Koronel whose husband is Mr. Thursday and whose son is Eric. Both men were linked to the mistress whom she loathes so much. She will really go insane had Eric pursued to have a relationship with Sari. If the makers of the movie decided to turn it into a happy ending,  the story wouldn’t have the same impact as it has right now. People saying how they wish Eric and Sari ended up together is a good sign that it has indeed left a strong impression.  Had they opted for the typical      ending, the movie will just become another typical  love story.

Screencaps of the movie The Mistress

What I like about the movie though is that a lot of scenes had underlying meanings and metaphors employed. The last scene where Eric stopped by Sari‘s shop and watched her from his car meant a whole lot more for the movie. It is one metaphor that I can’t simply forget. It gave me the idea that no matter how much the two of them love each other, they can never be together. Eric can only watch from afar and love her from a distance. When he finally asked his driver to go, it dawned on me that like life, he had no choice but to move on.

Now this movie really can make you think a lot. The Mistress may have a female lead character that not everybody can relate to but she has the heart that cares for her family more than anything else. I think this is where everybody can applaud her for.

I believe that this movie is a notch higher than the level of most Filipino romantic films. The success of this movie maybe attributed to so many things but for me it’s because of the very good narration of  the story. The screenplay, itself, was  ingenious already so the staff and cast particularly John Lloyd and Bea were just the extra dazzle sprinkled to it. They were just like the cherries on top of the cream.


After two hours of watching, I finally had the answers to my questions.

#1 No Other Woman centered around the things that women do when they feel threatened in their own relationships. It also showed how far women are willing to go for love or for the man they love. The Mistress, on the other hand, dwelt with how it is like to be the third party. It was the story of an indebted woman who will do anything for her family even to the point of being a mistress. This then has left her with no options to choose from when it comes to love.

#2 The kilig is still there. So I think that so long as they can do their craft very well, I will never really get tired of them. Of course, that is, if their movies have good stories to tell (scoff Miss You like Crazy).

#3 I think that both movies are realistic. The Mistress is at par with One More Chance. But still, I like the latter more than the former.


Women will always have their options.  No matter how bad the situation you’re in you can always choose to get out. Allowing yourself to get stuck means that you’ve made your choice and that is not to get out.

A good woman deserves nothing but a good man. No woman would ever want to be a third party more so a mistress. Good people deserve all the good things. Thus, good women deserve good men.

Relationships  do not always have a happy ending. Happily ever after only exists in fairy tales. Most of the time, endings aren’t what most of us expected them to be.

Life goes on. Don’t stop living. No matter what you do or say, the earth will continue to rotate on its axis. So better yet, move forward when you have to.

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