When Curiosity Gets the Best of You: A Fifty Shades Trilogy Review

While my memories of the books are still somehow and relatively fresh, I might as well give them my own review.

Follow your heart, darling, and please, please – try not to over-think things. Relax and enjoy. You are so young, sweetheart, you have so much to experience, just let it happen. You deserve the best of everything.       (James,  2011)

It was actually just out of curiosity that I allowed myself to indulge in yet another series of novels.  Well, I was on a schedule to read them so I went through the trilogy for over a week. I’m not sure why but I’m glad I did.  I guess,  it was a smart move to continue reading the other two books after I have finished Fifty Shades of Grey.  


I wouldn’t hide the fact that the first installment fell short of my expectations. Well, I was aware it was an erotica but I never thought that the whole book would be it. The story can be told in a chapter or two but it got dragged on for too long. With regards to the depth, I say it is sort of shallow.  For me, the best part of the novel was the ending. Given the poor exposition and all, it left me curious of how the story  will unravel in the next installment.

Fifty Shades Darker gave me the impression that it will get darker story wise. But truth is, I found it enlightening… a bit. Here, I was able to get to know Christian Grey a little more. In the first book, I was deprived of his background so I was quite happy to have been let in on a few more details. The plot also got  interesting so there’s more story and not just all sexcapades. But given the original nature of the book, you know that there are really lots of them. Moreover, for readers who are waiting to get swooned by the heart and flowers type of Christian Grey, don’t fret and just hang on because there’s a little surprise for all of you.

This is me, Ana. All of me…and I’m all yours. What do I have to do to make you realize that? To make you see that I want you any way I can get you. That I love you.
                                           ―Christian Grey, Fifty Shades Darker

The third novel, Fifty Shades Freed, was the most enjoyable to read. It was really a page turner. There were more gaps filled and secrets spilled;  lots of lovemaking and quarreling. I say that among the three, this was really the best and the longest read. I was quite surprised how the book turned out. Maybe it was good that I stopped expecting after I read the first novel because I was really able to appreciate the next ones. I don’t want to spoil the ending so I leave it all to you to  find out. 🙂

He makes me graceful, that’s his skill. He makes me sexy, because that’s what he is. He makes me feel loved, because in spite of his fifty shades, he has a wealth of love to give.
                                      ― Anastasia Steele, Fifty Shades Freed

The trilogy may not have been as well written as that of J.K Rowling’s or inspiring as Mitch Albom’s or even as romantic as Nicholas Sparks’ but these books of E.L. James like all aforementioned authors aroused the curiosity of millions of readers around the globe. What the story has that made each book a best seller and a phenomenal hit is still a mystery to me. I can only speculate but I can never know. If you ask me if I recommend these trilogy, I say: “yeah, sure, if you can read all. You won’t like it if you just read one and nothing will make sense if you just read the first.”

It may have all started from curiosity but I, nevertheless, still enjoyed reading them especially the last one. Grab a copy if you must, but don’t blame me or other people if you find the plot lackluster or annoying. After all, if your curiosity gets the best of you like it did to me, I know you wouldn’t stop wondering until you get to read them.

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