Just Because…

Hong Kong  is undoubtedly a wonderful place to visit that’s why I’d like to share my experience with you. I was there because it was a post graduation gift to me. And I was lucky to be with a few more people to enjoy this trip .

Shortly after we arrived in HK, our group was billeted in Largos hotel situated at Nanking Street. The area was near Nathan Road where everyday it is always busy and crowded with people. And yet even with the hustle and bustle of the place, you don’t  hear vehicles honking their horns. If only Filipinos can do the same.

Our trip there was only for five days and four nights. Two days of which, we spent touring the city and the ever famous Disneyland. With our guide, Mr. Lof, we were able to see Avenue of Stars, Aberdeen, Hong kong Island, J.W. Jewellery, and a certain Chocolate Factory.

The rest of our days we explored the streets of Mong kok,  Jordan,  Tsim Sha Tsui, Tsuen Wan, and Prince Edward. Through the public transportation i.e. the MTR, we went  to the street markets (including the ladies and electronic markets) found  in Mong kok area where most of us bought some souvenirs.

It was a short vacation but it was a privilege for me. I no longer complained that I never got to see the Ocean Park or  the Wax Museum for I was just very thankful that I was  given the rare chance to travel abroad. All I can say is that indeed,  Hong Kong’s a wonderful place to be. 🙂

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(Just Because)…it’s a nice view from our hotel

(Just Because)…the streets of Kowloon were a good place to walk by

(Just Because)…we lined up more than an hour to be photographed with Mickey and Minnie

(Just Because)… she’s Maggie and I was hoping she would look  the tiniest bit like Maggie Wilson

(Just Because)…he’s a world-famous star

(Just Because)…I’ve seen this place in a Hollywood movie

(Just Because)…Disneyland is almost every child’s dream

(Just Because)…she’s Cinderella

(Just Because)…I am hoping that Manila’s MRT can catch-up with Hong Kong’s MTR in the future

(Just Because)…we went all the way from Jordan to Central just to see the Black Man

(Just Because)…we saw our reflection up on the ceiling outside LV’s shop

(Just Because)…I feel like doing jump shots.

(Just Because)… the castle of Sleeping Beauty looks stunning especially at night.

(Just Because)…there’s Jollibee in Central

(Just Because)…I found it amusing how it was meant to be misspelled. or not!

(Just Because)…the airport’s really nice

(Just Because)…the tram was something new to me

(Just Because)…we stayed at Largos Hotel

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